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2Soulful On

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The Art Of Supporting An Artist

     The music industry has changed more in the past 10 years, than ever in history. So while Artist's, labels, and record exec's have been forced to adapt to a new climate, the fan has been able to put forth less effort than each generation prior to get the music they want. For instance, I come from a generation that would stay up all night listening to the radio so we could record our favorite song on casette tape.
     Now everything is a point and click away, downloadable or streaming. It's changed the way listeners interact with their music. Everything is at their fingertips. What it's also changed is the value the industry places on those interactions. Each click, like, share, tweet, +1, or whatever icon is found beside an article or media file have a value. Comments are worth more. These interactions determines how close to the top an Artist comes on a search engine, which brings more hits, which will inspire more interactions.
     Interactions mean people are paying close enough attention to get involved- attracting sponsors to the Artist's content. Ideally the listener is engaged enough to purchase music or merchandise from the Artist. But to a lesser extent if their engaged enough to leave a comment, or hit the like button, and share, their attracting more attention to their Artist... in turn attracting sponsors.
     To the Artist, EVERY click, like, or whatever the case may be is INVALUABLE. They appreciate every one and for a second feel like they reached someone that may lead to more.
     To the listener... it cost's you nothing. It's simply a matter of recognising how much influence you have over an independent Artist's career and placing your support where you see fit. But choose wisely, you're responsible for what will eventually end up on the radio.

1) Click
2) Like
3) Comment
4 Share

for instance... feel free to do all four on this post.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


`Class 2Soulful Prod. By Sharp.
     BlindMen Entertainment Brings You The New Single From `Class- "2Soulful". The Latin MC, From MA By Way Of FL, Introduces a New Sound To The Climate As Salsa Meets Old School Soul. Feel Good HipHop With Spanish Influence. NewSound. HipHip. HeavyRotation.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Ladies & Gentleman Mark Your Calendars...
Class Announces NEW SINGLE Set To Release OCT 15 2012 ... STAY TUNED...

The Track Is Titled "Too-Soulful". A Perfect Blend Of Old School Soul Over A Salsa Percussion That Could Wake Celia Cruz Provide The Backdrop For Class To Compliment With Lyrics That The Salsa Influence Screams For.

"Latin Thats Rapping Like He Was Raised Off Of Soul Food"

The Track Sheds Light On A Topic That Seems To Have Been Ignored By Hip-Hop For Far Too Long- Latino Influence.

In A Culture Thats Birth Took Place In The Bronx New York One Has To Ask... Where Have All The Latins Gone!??

Latins Have Been In The Culture Since It Started And Helped Build It From Day 1. "Too-Soulful" Is An Homage To That Fact And A Continuation Of That Influence.

"So Let The Bass Knock- Maracas/ Hit The Soul Train Line- Bachata... Wepa!!!"
OCT 15 2012

Too Soulful
Prod. By Sharp.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Snow Tha Product

In a culture where too few give Respect Where Respect Is Due - BlindMen would like to introduce , to those that dont know yet...Snow Tha Product. MC by way of Texas.
Respect & Success 2 You

Friday, August 3, 2012

BlindMen After HRs - Jai.Mal

Late Night Vibe Session @ BlindMen Entertainment


Friday, July 27, 2012


I snorted a line today,
but I was just fine today.
I wasn't trippin, while smoking;
just thinkin a little bit,
sippin on wine today.
Pleading and prayin I find a way
out of my mind;
until I may find a way-
I may, be stuck in my mind the way,
some niggas been stuck on the grind with yay-
But nay;
niggas aint suck on the grind;
he stuck on the cars, stuck on the girls,
stuck on the shine, the pearls, the watch,
the time that he finds the grind will pay; but, but...
the niggas, of niggas that grind- betray.
cause that grind get paid, get laid;
like niggas that rhyme on stage, vaca for days.
niggas that stuck in they mind just stage.
Contemplate ways, for days,
to stay dazed for days.
Today, stayed with yay.
tuesday, blazed my pay;
roll, smoke blues away-
should choose to stay awake,
atleast stay away- fuck "stay awake"
daydream day to day;
straight through break of day- cause it's hard...
life is hard when your awake, so it's safe to say
if you stay to play; & fuck up?
you may waste away, I May-


I fell asleep and met the flowers.
For a couple of hours-
such a beautiful day.
I dream of you and meet the flowers.
For a couple of hours-
such a beautiful day.

dreamin a little bit,
more than I should have been,
doing some shit, that I wouldn't have done;
if I hadn't been doing,
the shit I been doin for way too long.
Been drinking and driving;
just lucky survived, and thank God I'm alive;
But I'm high-
he wont listen; I wish he did.
what was I saying?
Forget it- this cocaine is weighed too strong.
I wonder what pills will do...?
Dont know you,
but fuck it, I'll chills with you.
I love you.
I wanna be "reals" with you- wait,
what was your name again?
-Jill will do.
doubt if in the morning;
I'm sober, roll over,
and somehow find out that I'm still with you.
There's so many rappers and deals are few-
you give up your dreams when your bills are due.
But mama told me I should keep my head out the clouds.
And "how you focused on your homework,
with the beat so loud?"
everytime she turned the church up,
heard the streets get loud.
I always dreamed outside this city
hope she see's that now.
I'll be back, proud.
But I'm lifted, I cant be back now.
Only dreaming so I reach the point I see that sound.
though heavy is the head that wears it;
I believe that crown-
is only out of reach for now until I see that found-


I fell asleep and met the flowers.
For a couple of hours-
such a beautiful day.
I dream of you and meet the flowers.
For a couple of hours-
such a beautiful day.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Freestyle Friday 06/29/12

Freestyle Friday
Champ (N.A.S.A.) / Class

Dircted By Logan Harrington
Assistant Director: Anthony Reid Walters
Director Of Photography: Eric Diaz


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tyler Perry Studios & BlindMenEnt PARTNER!?

...Naa, BlindMen hasn't partnered with Tyler Perry, yet. But we have entered submissions from some of our talent in a contest Tyler Perry Studios is hosting; Logan Harrington & Eric Diaz (Class) Talent submissions are voted on by YOU and narrowed down by votes to the top 10. From There Tyler will choose a winner.


AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!! Voting period is all this week (Mon-Fri). Above are the pieces submitted and below are the two voting links. PLEASE USE BOTH.

S/N: No ones a fan of spam or unwanted daily reminders to "click on this" while on the internet... that being said we apologize in advance if you get unwanted daily reminders on the internet to click the two links below...
-but seriously, click the two links below.

*** VOTE LINK 1 ***

*** VOTE LINK 2 ***

Monday, May 21, 2012



BlindMen Entertainment Presents The Next Installment Of our Newest Series Starring The Head Of The Acting Division.
Logan Harrington

*From The 2005 Motion Picture Syriana
Book Suggestion By Robert Baer
Written By Stephen Gaghan

Friday, May 18, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

**BlindMen Affiliates**

BlindMen Affiliates Presents A Propane Exclusive -
In Case You Missed It #TeamEnfluenzTuesday

Monday, May 14, 2012



BlindMen Entertainment Presents The Newest Series By The Head Of Our Acting Division.
Logan Harrington

*From The 1997 Motion Picture "Fools Rush In"
Written By Katherine Reback & Joan Taylor
Screenplay Adapted By Katherine Reback

Monday, April 23, 2012


Stay Tuned Ladies And Gentleman...
N.A.S.A. Committee
"We Have A Problem" COMING SOON!!!

Logan Harrington

BlindMen Entertainment
Is Proud To Announce The Addition Of Our Acting Division.

The 1st Screen Test From The Head Of That Department
Logan Harrington

Stay Tuned Ladies And Gentleman.
The Best Is Yet To Come

*From The 2000 Motion Picture "Traffic"
Written By Simon Moore
Screenplay Adapted By Stephen Gaghan

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Been working round the clock for my team and I haven't appeared in a Freestyle Friday at all this year. Figured I'd dust off the brim of the cap & get camera ready.

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Class- S16V2

BlindMen Entertainment Presents...

Sweet 16 Vol 2
--The Follow Up To The Sweet 16 Series. Class, Once Again, Delivers 16 Classic Bars Over Some Of The Industrys Biggest Hits With A Few Tracks That You've NEVER Heard Before. Tune In... & Stay Tuned.

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Freestyle Friday N.A.S.A.

N.A.S.A Committee of BlindMen Entertainment Presents...
Freestyle Friday
January 20 2012