Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yeezus- by Corey Cee O Jordan

It's been a while since I read a review that was so informed on the culture I felt a genuine trust to the source. Credibility is a dying quality in the current climate, however, I personally have had conversations with the following source that gave me hope for how Hip Hop can be translated to those both outside/inside the culture.  -`Class

Written By Corey Cee O Jordan of YourTicketPros
     I'm assuming most people have heard the Kanye (YEEZUS) album. Heres 2 cents...I'll keep it short because its Saturday night and we all should have better things to do. Remember the Kanye that made a name looping up soul joints and rhyming from an everyday mans perspective?? Well HE AIN'T HERE and hasn't been for a while. Present day Kanye/Yeezy/Yay/Yeezus has a team of producers and writers that help him create a sound that he wouldn't be able to do on his own. He has a team or artist and fashion designers to help present his image to the public in a way that makes him seem hipper than he truly is. I take that into account whenever he released new material. Ok, onto the album. I'll start by saying that this is his weakest album lyrically without a doubt from a Hip Hop standpoint. I'm not going over individual song but he does have one that he manages to communicate better than I've heard from him in a long time. Sonically he covered a lot of bases which he has been able to do since bring all the extra help in. Yeezus is a synopsis of what has been going on in the urban/electronic/pop music scene over the last couple years. Kanye is able to cover a lot of bases on that end considering the album only 10 tracks A couple songs that will bang in the club/car. Plenty of tracks that have that big arena/stadium sound that will add to his live performances. Songs that are geared towards the EDM/Trap/House crowd. He even ends it with classic Kanye just rapping over a nice loop which could be a sign of him getting back to the basics (or this could be me being thought provoking). If you listen to the album from beginning to end you'll have a pretty solid opinion once you're done. Some people are going to HATE the 1st five tracks while others will think its genius. As the album continues you start getting into the Kanye you are a little more familiar with which is what some listeners are looking for. This may bore some of the listeners looking for whats "next" in music. I hear both. Oh yeah, a lot of whining and complaining is going. Overall its what I expect from Team Yeezy at this point of his career. Still not sure if it will make it thru the summer on this side.

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